Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How to Build a Paddock Fence

Four board, Paddock, Horse Fences are often terms used to describe the fence pictured above. This fence, particularly when painted, provides a classic look that suits a wide array of properties, ranging from pastures with rolling hills to multi-million dollar homes. A typical paddock fence has three or four horizontal rails made from oak and pressure treated pine posts. These fences can have metal mesh (coated with black pvc) to prevent pets or some critters from getting out/in. Typical mesh has 2? x 4? openings. You can replace that mesh with 1?x 2? mesh that will meet pool code requirements. Paddock fences are sometimes constructed with 4x4 posts and pressure treated pine rails. My Fence Guys uses 40 lbs of concrete around each post. Each post is set 24-30? deep. We typically build paddock fence gates from all cedar (2x4 and 1x4). The cedar is lightweight, strong and doesn’t warp or twist as easily as some other materials.

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