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Metal Fences Are For Security not Privacy

Why Metal fences are not the best to use as privacy fences, but serve other security and aesthetic purposes.

A fence is simply defined or identified as a human-constructed barrier or boundary between two or more properties. Fences have been around for ages and have been used for different purposes by different individuals. They are mostly used as boundaries to separate objects, lands, properties, etc.  or different things as the case may be. They could be used to deter potential burglars (no matter how small) or to keep animals away from your home.

Uses of fences

Fences give a true and physical sense of security as they prevent intruders, burglars, trespassers and makes you feel overly safe on your property.

A lot of homeowners love to have friends over and eat out back on a picnic table or porch setting. Having a fence keeps people from just walking up on you while you’re entertaining. It gives you much-needed privacy as well as a sense of security.

Aesthetic Purposes
Fences could be used to beautify your homes or make them more attractive. When designed for these purposes, they generally give homes an elegant and classy look.

Types of fences
The characteristics of fences, and in particular the privacy features of fencing, depend largely on the material from which the fence is constructed.

There are different types of fences to prevent or deter people/animals from trespassing on your property, and these include wooden fences, metal fences, vinyl fences, etc. Each of these types of fences have their various benefits and disadvantages as they serve different purposes, but this article focuses on metal fences and why they are discouraged as a source of fencing for privacy.

Metal Fences
Metal fences are generally made from metals such as wrought iron, steel, aluminum, ornaments, etc. and give a true sense of security compared to different kinds of fencing materials used because of their strength, durability, maintained visibility and are not easily vandalized.

Metal fencing try to create a balance between aesthetics and privacy, but there are a lot of drawbacks which are listed and explained below:

Metal fencing is great when used for security or aesthetic purposes but are not ideal for privacy use due to their high costs. Metals are generally expensive to procure compared to wood fences(commonly used for privacy fences) and are not the best fencing choice when erecting fences on a low budget.

Visibility Problems
Metal fences have huge visibility problems as intruders, trespassers or even your next-door neighbors could easily see through your property depriving you of your much-needed privacy just when you require it. They generally make bad choices when fencing for privacy purposes as most metals have tiny or large holes in their designs which makes it relatively easy for people to see through compared to other forms of fencing.

Attracts vandalism
Inasmuch as metal fences beautify homes and are more secure, they are not ideal for privacy use as they encourage would-be thieves or burglars since they see through your property giving them visibility access to things they could possibly steal or vandalize.

Difficulty in installation
Metal fencing is generally better than wood or other forms of fencing as they are durable and easily maintained but the difficulty in installing them coupled with the fact they are expensive and see-through makes them not so great for privacy uses.

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